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Dogs, cats and other members:
Lilja's herd consists of more than horses. Here you will find non equine members of our herd.

Bruneau is a Newfoundland. Here he is enjoying his favorite activity.
Cleo and Binx
A couple of stray cats that stayed.
Icelandic Sheepdogs Tryggur and Joka.
Joka joined our herd in December 2000. Tryggur is in Alaska living with my parents.
Nor'Star Cilia
Cilia another Icelandic Sheepdog joined our family in March 2002. Here is Cilia on her first birthday. Her and Joka are best buds.
Joka is nearly three years old now.
Bequia a Blue and Gold Macaw
Bequia came to live with us several years ago as a rescue parrot. Please give it a lot of thought before adding a parrot to your family. They live a long very time and don't always rehome easily.
Mackay an Umbrella Cockatoo
Mackay really enjoying a shower.