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More Photos of Lily's Herd

Cheryl & Nanna
Taking a lunch break on our trail ride with the EIGHA in the Lava Hot Springs Area, May 2001

Sida fra Hoskuldsstodum
Sida, a 2nd prize mare imported from Iceland, joins the herd in August 2001.
Meshack & Kristy
On a ride with the Gaited horse club, July 2000.
Atli's under saddle training
He's doing great with his training. May 2001
More basic training with Atli, May 2001
Atli & Liam
Atli working with Liam, who has Cerebral Palsy, August 2001.
Nanna & Cheryl at Massacre Rocks State Park
Riding with the E. I. Gaited Horse Association, May 2001
Nanna wins the Blue Ribbon
and a trophy in the Open 2 gait class at the EIGHA Spring Show. She was the only Icelandic there, competing in a class with over 20 gaited horses! Boy was I proud of her! June 2001
Kitla from Rhythmhill
Kitla, a 2 year old filly, joins our herd in August 2001.
Sida and the grandkids
Grandpa (Bill) leading our then three year old granddaughter on Sida. Sida is great with the grandkids.
Atli goes swimming
I warned Robyn that Atli loves to plunge into the water. Even so I don't think she was prepared for his enthusiasm! Terry's horse Stoney, a foxtrotter/POA, also seemed to enjoy his first experience with the water. August 2001 at Sandy Downs Equestrian Park.
Riding at Harriman State Park in Island Park
Cheryl on Atli and Robyn on Rodi. We decided to try riding in Harriman State Park, we were expecting cool temperatures but not snow! Great place to ride! Oct. 2001
Fanney and Terry at Harriman State Park
Terry with her Icelandic Fanney in Harriman State Park. Fanney is first prize for talent!
More Harriman State Park Photos
Some of the riding we encountered was quite icy! The barefoot Icelandics handled it very well. Kristy had to get off her Rocky Mountain Horse on this hill, as he was slip sliding all over in his shoes. This was a beautiful ride, the snow just made it all the more special!