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More photos of Lilja's Herd

Lilja's first ride.
Lily is growing up. Here is a photo of her first ride at age four, April 2001.
Blaze and Donavin
Blaze doing what he does best, giving kids their first ride on a horse!
Blaze and Jessica
Blaze introducing another kid to riding!

Icelandics at the Utah State Fair
Sondra & Julli, Cheryl & Nanna, Jody & Glod, Jenny & Breki, after the first ever Icelandic Horse class at the Utah State Fair.
Top winning Grand Champion.
Top won his first Grand Champion at this local show when he was four years old (and still had some color). He went on to win Grand Champion at the State Fair.
Billy, Cheryl and BreiAnne
These are my kids, Billy and BreiAnne, camping at our annual Family Reunion.