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This is Lilja's Place.

Lilja from Rhythmhill, aka Lily, is my first Icelandic horse. Lily is a granddaughter of one of Iceland's most famous stallions, Hrafn fra Holtsmula 802. Lily's father, Isak fra Eyjolfsstadir, is making a name for himself, in Iceland and now in Finland as a double Nordic Champion in 2000.

Lilja's herd....

Lilja joined our herd as a 5 month old weanling in 1997. Two more Icelandic Horses joined the herd in late 1999, Nanna and Atli. Síða (See-tha) and Kitla joined the herd in August 2001. Other herd members are Blaze an older guy of unknown heritage. Top an Arab/Beglium cross and Meshack a Missouri Foxtrotter, are former herd members. Top has went on to a career in Dressage with his new owner. Meshack has moved to Texas to enjoy the trails there with his new family.

Lily's herd includes members from other species...

Lily's herd also consists of several dogs, parrots and cats. Bruneau a Newfoundland, Joka an Icelandic Sheepdog, Lissa a Yorkie and Chany a pom. Binx, aka Big Kitty, the stray cat who stayed, and Cleo a kitten my daughter brought home, and a big old tom cat who's decided he lives here too. Joey an Congo African Grey, Rex an Timneh African Grey, Bequia a Blue and Gold Macaw. Some members of our herd have come to us as rescues. Please consider giving a home to an unwanted pet. There are so many in need.

We try to provide an natural lifestyle for our herd.

Our horses are turned out 24/7. "No stalls for us!" They are free to graze 24/7 nearly year round. Our horses are all barefoot when ever possible and have a pasture with varied terrain, including water holes to walk through. This contributes to strong healthy hooves.

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Lilja meeting her new herd.
Lilja joining our herd at 5 months. The boys wondering what cute little thing Mom has brought home now!

Lilja as a foal
This is Lilja with her mother, Bylgja fra Leysingjastodum.